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Keep track of the heat in your home when you have this fun Galileo Thermometer. This thermometer will make a great decorative piece that teaches kids about the way temperature used to be measured.
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About Swiss Colony:

Those who are craving for high quality sweet treats will find unparalleled satisfaction at This website is the online store of Swiss Colony, a family-owned business that has been offering delectable cheeses, meats, and sweet treats since 1926. It sells an extensive range of treats that will delight the most discerning sweet tooth, as well as other products that are equally delicious.

The types of the food products that are available at Swiss Colony include cakes, desserts, candies, chocolates, nuts, snacks, pies, cheese, and meats. Some of the store’s most popular items are the Petits Fours, meat and cheese samplers, truffles, macadamia nut chocolates, and the variety of beef logs. All food products that are sold in the website are made with the finest ingredients. also has sugar-free products for customers who want to purchase healthier treats. Besides food products, the store also offers clothes, collectibles, decorative items, figurines, jewelry, toys, and other products.

Swiss Colony has special offers that provide excellent savings, and these are displayed in its “specials” section. It offers a Choose ‘n Charge credit plan to provide a more convenient shopping experience for its customers. Shoppers who wish to find out more about Swiss Colony’s products can call its toll-free number.

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Cassy Said over 3 years ago
This is one of the first places I like to visit whenever I am looking for a personal gift for a family member or myself. They have the warm looking gives that are especially designed from the heart that you can purchase at a reasonable cost. They are truly a reliable establishment it has been in business for over 85 years. This company is especially dedicated to their customers and has a superb customer service department that has been always willing to help any individual in regard to their purchase or product. Shopping here can be extremely fun when you personalize a gift. This is an inexpensive way that is truly a gift from the heart. Nowadays, I have come many seasonal guests for the special individuals in my life by being able to save a significant amount of money. I am able to splurge on myself as well. I found unique gifts, such as cakes, candies, and cheeses. The wonderful packaging and the layout of the meats and candies are extremely decorative making me want to purchase two of them, one to give away any other for myself. These packages are made to go with every season and can be distinctively made for any individual as a special gift from the heart. Every time, I have visited this wonderful website there's always something new and exciting. There are an enormous amount of unique gifts that I have not seen before. Nowadays, I can indulge in sugar-free items that were delicious. They have also designed to meet unique line of clothing that will keep you warm throughout every season. I frequently check their websites because they have outstanding deals and matchless items that are made with the highest quality of materials. In many occasions, I have the opportunity of personalizing such unique items that are especially tailored to my needs.