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Step up your shorts game when you show off these Wrap Up Shorts. The shorts come in a classic blue and white stripe with detailing that will turn heads while flattering your personal style.
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About Storets:

Standing out in a crowd is nothing I've ever wanted to do. My best friend in school, was such a clown. He always had to have the attention on him, especially when we were in a crowd. When he and I were alone, he was a super cool guy. But there was something about needing to be in the spotlight that compelled him. I was happy for him when he got positive praise. All I would do is take a step back. I was perfectly fine with that. People have always remarked and asked me why I'm so shy. I don't think I'm shy; I just feel more private. I'm not a show-off, and I prefer to let others "take the stage." When I was younger, I used to dress like a bag lady. I'd wear loose jeans or sweatpants and mismatching flannel shirts with tee shirts. Then one day I realized I didn't need to look unappealing. I didn't need to hide. Again, however, I still stayed away from fashion that would bring extra attention. I've learned how to dress fairly conservatively with style. I like to shop online. A friend suggested Storets.com. I have no idea what made her think I would like anything. Yes, some of the styles are marginally nice. But I'd never wear ruffles, a see through blouse, or leather shorts! However, if you are the kind of girl who wants to stand out because of how you're dressed, this site is perfect for you.

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