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This GS-2P Quick Adjust Gun Sling will make your time at the range a breeze. The sling goes right around your torso for a secure fit that is durable and ready for action.
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About Rainier Arms:

My granddad has an amazing gun collection. Many of the relics he's collected aren't functional any longer, but they're still cool to check out. He's got firearms dating back to the early 1900s through the newest models available within legal limit. He knows how to build guns and modify them as well. It's been a hobby for him for decades. I, too, have always been intrigued with being a collector, but I've never had the money or the equal passion he's had. Besides, when I want to go out to shoot, granddad is happy to join me and loan me whichever gun we haven't shot in a while. It also depends on if we can get the ammo we need. Some of his older World War I-era firearms require bullets that we can't always easily get a hold of. Ammunition is always a great gift to give him when it comes to holiday time or birthdays. My grandmom is not a huge fan of his collection, but she understands his passion. She never complains when he goes out target or skeet shooting. Her main concern has always been safety. I know it's been his, too. Well, really it's every shooter and collector's main focus. RainierArms.com has some excellent quality thumb safeties. I've been looking to maybe order a thumb safety, especially for his newer automatic. I learned about the site from a fellow gun aficionado. I haven't done any price comparisons with other sites, but this one has a reputation for rifles.

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