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Whether you're fighting snow or wind, this Striped Hooded All-In-One is the perfect style for your baby. This outfit offers a unisex black and white stripe with pointed hood and easy to open and close snaps.
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Your comfort will know no bounds when you have this Second Skin Effect Milleraies Stripe Bra. This bra is designed to feel like you're wearing nothing, while adding support to your everyday attire.
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About Petit Bateau:

My sister-in-law has impeccable taste. She's not a snob; she just knows good things. For example, her dining table always looks gorgeous. It's always elegant, with the perfect tablecloth and/or placemats. Then she's got the matching tweed napkins folded beautifully into a swan-shape or placed just-so in the adjoining water glass. I've always admired that about her. It must be an artistic eye, or maybe her upbringing. It's not just how things are decorated, it's the quality of the items she surrounds herself with. Her clothes, as another example, are neat and chic. She may spend $200 on a pair of slacks, but she'll just have two pairs-whereas most people have 10 pairs but pay a lot less for each. For her, it's quality not quantity. So when I shop for my niece and nephew, I try to make sure we give them something of value. Often we'll give them a beautiful hardcover first-edition book, or a collector's item doll, or a sporting item. This year I want to give them clothes. But because I don't know their exact sizes, I think I will order a gift certificate. At Petit-Bateau.us, I can buy a gift certificate and it gets emailed to them. I have no reservation about gifting them to this site. Petit Bateau has some of the highest quality clothing I've seen anywhere. The children's outfits are just darling. The women's clothes aren't my taste, but they are still classy. I'm sure my sister-in-law will love everything for the kids.

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