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Enjoying time with friends will be a breeze with this Steel Outdoor/Indoor Table for entertainment. This table is great for brunch dates, but also works wonders for cards or other simple games.
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Enjoy eating with friends and family when you have this cute, little, Steel Outdoor/Indoor Table. This table comes in a bright red color and is the perfect option for picnics.
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Recently, we had a staff meeting, which included co-workers, my boss, her boss, and even the district manager. I guess a lot of employees have been complaining that no one listens to their concerns in the office. I know one big issue was smoking. The law mandates that there is no smoking inside the building at all, and that smokers need to be a certain distance from the lobby outside before they light up. Well, two salesmen on my floor routinely go into the fire stairwell and smoke several times a day. They don't want to take the time to get on the elevator, go down the street and then down the block. They just need to get a quick puff. Another co-worker is highly contagious to smoke, and it wafts into the office from the stairwell, right next to her cubicle. The manager wasn't doing anything, so she complained to Human Resources. Another employee had complained about the office furniture, claiming it was old, faulty, and maybe even contaminated with germs. The district manager said we could use a few thousand dollars of the budget to upgrade. Part of my job is to do the ordering. My boss suggested OfficeFurniture2go.com. I checked out the site, and I was not that impressed. I had in mind more contemporary, ergonomic pieces. Maybe even some standing workstations. The prices are good, which is probably why she recommended it. I really don't care for laminate furniture. I did order a few standing laptop desks.

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