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Get your kids ready for the fast paced world with this Design For Kids Book. This book will guide you to find lots of amazing programs and projects that will help kids keep up with the tech world.
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You'll never have to wonder about technique again when you have this How Do I Do That In Lightroom? Book. This book is designed to show you the tricks of the trade and will help you improve you work substantially.
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Improve your business savvy when you check out this Driving Business Strategies with Data Science. This Big Data textbook will give you the insight you need to make your mark in the business world.
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50% off every ebook and video or 60% off $100 or more (User Submitted)
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50% off Advanced Hyper-V Implementation & Management (User Submitted)
50% off Scalable Machine Learning (User Submitted)
50% off Securing Enterprise LANs Using the Junos OS (User Submitted)

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About O'Reilly:

Sometimes, learning about the computer and the internet can be somewhat of a hassle. These tricky machines make it difficult for those who aren't so great at solving computer problems and applications to have a good time using their machine. Luckily for those who aren't savvy with the computer or specific applications can get some help thanks to OReilly.com. This specialized websites not only has Ebooks available for a variety of computer related subjects, but also have videos for easier education as well.

At OReilly.com you will find everything you need in terms of getting help with your computer related issues. They have special books and videos for Apple and Mac users, and also have specialized books and videos for programmers. They also have books and videos for science and math problems, web development, operating systems, design and graphics, plus so much more.

If I were to grade OReilly.com, I believe I would give them a B. It is not that they did not offer a huge selection of items to purchase, it is moreover that they did not have a very interesting website. When you click on OReilly.com, you pretty much know you're on an educational themed website. It's boring, dull, and humdrum. It doesn't really inspire me to want to learn more about their products. Plus, a majority of their items I had no clue what they were talking about. It would be nice if they added in a blog or at least easier information to read about.

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