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Find freedom in your day when you use these IQbuds. These earbuds offer comfortable and wireless entertainment that is great for running, commuting or simply dancing around your bedroom to your favorite songs.
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About Nuheara:

I often take my work (laptop computer) to public places that have Wi-fi. Working from home is just too much of a distraction. There are either chores or the television or noise from the neighbors. I'm an events planner and I need to do a lot of my work online. I have to keep seriously focused when I'm creating the calendars, especially. There's one boutique coffee shop in my neighborhood that I just love to work from. It's light and fairly quiet. The only problem is that I inevitably run into someone I know, then I'm distracted with conversation-which is fun, but unproductive work-wise. If I go to Starbucks, I am the mercy of their awful music they pump throughout the store. Its absolutely the worst music I've ever heard, anywhere. I usually wear my own headphones and connect to the tunes on my phone or computer. The problem with that is all the wires and the buds don't filter out all the ambient noise. I'd like to try IQbuds on Nuheara.com. They're about $300, but if they function as well as they say, then it will be worth it. The buds are wireless, Bluetooth, and supposedly filter out noise amazingly well. Additionally, you can program in your phone, computer, and even Google. I love the concept, especially if I can use them when I go running. The only thing I'm a bit confused about is how far away from the original device can the IQbuds be before losing signal?

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