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End your workout on a high note when you order this The MELT Super Bundle. This bundle comes with a body roller, video and book to help you relax your muscles to improve health.
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Learn to melt away the weight when you have this Super Bundle with eBook. This bundle comes with everything needed for you to learn the routine and practice it on an everyday basis.
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End your workout on the right note when you use this Hand & Foot Treatment Kit. This kit will help you find the relaxation you need while ensuring you treat your essential hands and feet right for their hard work.
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Find the quickest route to taking off the pounds when you check out this MELT Method DVD. This DVD is designed to give you the workout of your dreams, while offering a cool down period that will amplify your weight loss.
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$50 Off MELT training in Orlando, Florida
Hand and Foot Instructor Training: Orlando, Florida: $100 off-ends 6/16; $75 off-ends 6/29; $50 off-ends 7/14

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About Melt Method:

I've always been athletic. When I was a kid, I was a champion on the pogo stick. I could hop for hours at a time. It was so much fun. I also played all kinds of sports. I played tennis, softball, soccer-you name it. Running as a sport never seemed very exciting. I always preferred a ball or a racquet or a stick-something else to add to the mundaneness of running (probably why I never loved playing tag.) But, of course, along with these activities came injuries. I always had black and blue marks and bruises. Fortunately, I never broke any bones. I sprained stuff all the time, especially mountain bike riding.

I've been to the chiropractor a handful of times over the past year. All the years of beating up my body has taken a toll. I'm still active, but something always hurts-it's either my back, my neck, or my knees. I started practicing yoga, which I love. I also try to get massages once a month to get everything realigned. A friend told me about the Melt Method she saw discussed on Dr. Oz's show. I went to MeltMethod.com to check it out. I was confused at first because I only noticed a tab for how to be an instructor. I don't want to teach, I want to learn. I like that the idealogy is to heal chronic pain without medicine or surgery. After reading a bit, I still don't know how to melt.

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