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Give your plants the power to grow all year long when you use this Mars Hydro grow tent. This tent helps to keep your plants at a healthy temperature and is perfect for indoor growth.
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About Mars Hydro:

I work for a crisis hotline number. I'm the person who answers the phone when someone is having a nervous breakdown, wants to confess to something, or is thinking about taking their life. It's even more intense than it sounds. I got into this position because my job at the penitentiary got its budget slashed in half. It was bad enough I feared for my life going to work, but I wasn't about to continue doing it for half the money. I took a couple weeks vacation after I quit the prison job. It was the best two weeks I had in years. I had no idea how stressful my position was. Now that I'm back to work, I'm finding that this job is also quite stressful. Even though I am well educated, trained, and experienced, when someone's life is hanging in the balance, there's no room for second-guessing. I started getting serious migraine headaches. I practiced my deep breathing and made sure to exercise daily, but still, the anxiety was wearing me out. A good friend came over with a little marijuana one night, I had a little, and haven't looked back! My headaches chilled out. I've decided to grow my own for medicinal purposes. I went online to Mars-Hydro.com to get a kit. I found helpful with information about planting, growing, and lighting. I like the visuals they offer. I didn't know anything about soil or germination. I'm hoping the price of the kit will cost less in the long run.

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