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Take control of your internet when you have this 3-Pack Luma. The luma works to lock down your wi-fi connection and to help you protect your kids from websites you don't approve of.
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Make sure others stay out of your wi-fi connection when you set up this 3-Pack Luma. This amazing device will work on your home's cyber security, so you can surf without concern.
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About Luma Home:

When my kids first started going online, they each had "special" email accounts. It was an email address that only let them send-to and receive-from certain people their dad and I placed on a list. It was mostly relatives: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. When their friends began getting email addresses, we added their names to the list too, but my kids started getting frustrated. They wanted more autonomy online. We put restriction on sites they could visit, for sure. I never liked the idea of them playing games online with strangers. I felt good about the way we handled that. Now, however, they are fourteen and sixteen and we've let the Internet rules become more lax. I feel we can trust them and they understand the dangers pretty well. They also need to use the computers for their schoolwork! That ties our parenting hands slightly. The larger concern now is the amount of time spent on screens daily. Between the computer, social media, homework, and Smartphone usage, I feel like they are buried in electronics. And the problem for us as parents is that it's tough to get them off. Welcome LumaHome.com. I was checking out their site for home security, but I saw something else that really interested me. They have a way to pause the Internet on specific devices in the home. We had been unplugging our modem, but that punished my husband and I. I'll have to see what the monthly fee is, but I'm guessing it's worth it.

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