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High bacteria regions of your home won't leave you repulsed thanks to this Vibe Steam Mop. The mop can clean up the toughest of messes and leaves them entirely sanitized and smelling great.
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The germs on your floor won't stand a chance when you have this Dazzling Blue Steam Mop. This mop is designed to get rid of stains and bacteria without the use of soaps, which will make your home even more efficient.
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You'll never have to stress over making room for your bulk buys thanks to this Built-In Outdoor Freezer. This freezer offers plenty of extra space and can be used for keeping fruit and mixes cold during parties.
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About Living Direct:

We've been living in this house for about six years now. We bought it from the son of a man who had become gravely ill. The family wanted to keep the house, but they couldn't maintain it properly. We offered to buy it "as is" for a price that we could afford. They agreed because they didn't have to put in any energy or money and they liked our family.

Since then, we painted a few walls, ripped out the old carpeting, and put in a hardwood living room floor. We've been able to save a little money, and even in this short time, the home has earned some equity. Now we agree it's time to demolish the 1970's kitchen. Jim can pick out the cabinets and floor, but I get to choose the new appliances. I am so excited. I immediately went to LivingDirect.com. I bought my dishwasher online from them last year. I know the site and wanted to order from them, if they have stuff I like.

The first thing I ordered was a fridge/microwave combo. I knew I wanted that style and Living Direct had enough to choose from. I also picked out a great looking oven and stove. My favorite purchase was the vent hood. It's going to look so good when it's all put together. The one negative part of shopping on this site is the limited number of brand names offered on some appliances. I like the site, I'd just like more options.

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