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Make sure your brand new phone stays that way when you have this FRe For iPhone 7 Case. This case will ensure your phone can handle life's bumps without forcing you to replace its delicate glass.
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You won't have to stress about the kids playing with your iPad again thanks to the Life Jacket. This amazing cover will offer full coverage of your device, so little ones can enjoy educational games without being destructive.
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Take your iPad to great heights when you use this Nuud iPad cover. This lightweight cover is designed for the iPad 4 mini and works to help protect your delicate device from drops, water and the elements.
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About LifeProof:

When each one of our children entered middle school, we bought them a cell phone. We explained the responsibility of owning such a phone and the consequences they would face if they abused the privilege of having a phone. Three of our kids have been doing relatively well with their phones, and then there's Micah! I can't begin to tell you how many phones that boy has destroyed! A phone has fallen in the toilet, one was run over by his skateboard, and another one was dropped out of a window. We have purchased a variety of cell phone cases and nothing seems to handle the mishaps of Micah UNTIL we learned about LifeProof.com. LifeProof actually has created cases that are Micah-proof!!! Micah's cell phone is now housed in a case that is waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof. Now, wherever Micah happens to be, at least his cell phone stands a chance of surviving!

The good: LifeProof.com offers cases for Apple iPhones and iPads. The cases have a sleek low profile and look cool. You can choose from several fun colors, such as bright blue, pink, green, or go with the classic black. The cases have a built-in touch screen scratch protector which is really nice. The cases aren't cheap, but it sure saves money if you're not constantly having to replace a cell phone!

The bad: My only pet-peeve about this site is that you have to enter a special code to get the best deal. We're in a hurry folks and don't want to be bothered with the extra step. Just offer the best deal!

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