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This Klax Key is sure to have you ready for anything. The key can be cut to suit your home, but also works to remove nuts and other tasks that will keep you safe no matter where you are.
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Share your love of knives with your kids when you get this Trigger Knife Kit. This kit is designed to teach children how a foldable knife works by allowing them to build their own.
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About Klecker Knives:

I'm not a young guy, and in my generation, a knife was a rite of passage for a boy. All my friends and I had at least one pocketknife when we were kids. Some of us were even luckier, and we got a folding knife, too. Usually, it was a hand-me-down from a brother, uncle, or dad. It was just something you had and used almost every day. From cutting some fishing line, whittling a stick, or opening a pop bottle, your knife was a trusted tool. Seems like nowadays, all the kids are so into electronics that they forgot the simple pleasures of life. Or, their parents are too scared to let them near anything sharp. Luckily, my son and daughters aren't like that. I raised them with the proper respect and attitude towards knives. I suppose the other challenge today is society's fear of weapons. When we were kids, we could have a knife at school in our backpack. Of course, we never took it out. My youngest son is still a little too young to get his first knife, but I have been on the lookout for something safe to teach him with. I stumbled across KleckerKnives.com while on Google and found the greatest thing. They have these awesome plastic knife kits to teach kids all about knives and proper safety and handling. They don't offer a huge selection, but what they have is top-notch quality. Some are tad expensive, but certainly worth it. And, they are U.S. made.

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