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You won't miss a beat of your vacation thanks to this Digital Action Camera. This camera is water proof so you can keep filming no matter what the weather or occasion brings to the table.
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Vintage will become your favorite style when you use this Polaroid SX-70 CHR. This amazing camera has a cool leather style and will instantly provide you with pictures that will capture all the best moments.
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About KEH Camera:

Kids today, their Christmas list may be shorter, but it's far more expensive than what we asked for when we were kids. I think one of the priciest items I asked for was a new bicycle and even then, it wasn't an outrageous request. I mean, maybe the family had to save up for a while, but once you got the bike, you wouldn't expect another large purchase for a couple of years. Nowadays, every electronic piece of equipment costs a fortune. No wonder everyone is in debt. Even the accessories like the chargers, headphones, and upgrades can cost hundreds of dollars. So when my daughter asked for a digital camera, I was hesitant to buy a brand new one. First of all, the most updated camera used for fine photography can be thousands. She doesn't even know if this will be a hobby (or a career) that she'll stick with. The cameras on phones these days are amazing, but I know she wants something more "professional". I thought getting her a used camera in excellent condition would be a better way to start-because we'll also need to add lenses and batteries. I went on KEH.com as a photographer friend recommended. The equipment is very nice and the prices are fair and affordable. If you plan on buying from them, know your stuff first. Do research beforehand so you know if you want a "point and shoot" or an actual "complete mirrorless system". They also have all the accessories you'll need.

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