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Your holiday gifts won't go without batteries when you have this Duracell CopperTop Duralock Alkaline Battery Set. The set comes with 100 AAA batteries that will keep all of your noise makers and game players going long into the New Year.
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Get the new iPhone you've always wanted without the huge price tag thanks to this Refurbished Apple iPhone 5C. This phone works like brand new, is unlocked for your convenience and come in a cool mint green.
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Upgrade your phone game without spending a small fortune when you order this Refurbished Apple iPhone. This phone comes in a stylish green color and will help you enjoy the best apps the market has to offer.
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About JemJem:

I have a problem with technology. While I love it, I feel like it's a bit of an unrequited love; it doesn't love me back the same. My husband said if I could keep the same phone functioning for a year, then we could splurge for a tablet. I accepted the challenge. Every cell phone I've owned seems to jump out of my arms and crash down onto whatever surface is below me. If I'm lucky, it's not in thousands of pieces. The sound of a screen shattering haunts me. I feel like I've used every case imaginable, and while they have delayed the inevitable, they too, seem to break with just as much ease. Even with all this bad luck, I made it happen-I kept one cell phone for an entire year, in one piece. Now it's time to find my first tablet. Needless to say, buying the latest and greatest in technology is not the smartest investment for me, but I am OK with having an older model that can be replaced without much guilt. I was excited when I found JemJem.com. I was surprised at how many items there were to choose from, especially since everything is refurbished. Although I haven't always had the best of luck with refurbished items, Jemjem's warranty on the tablets make it worth trying. I also appreciated the selection of cases. I felt a little sad because I wanted something new. But I suppose if this product works like new, it should be satisfying.

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