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Keep track of your stress levels with this Emwave Finger Sensor. This sensor gently claps to your finger and hooks up to your computer so you can connect with the Emwave software that helps you control your stress.
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Add a little more balance to your life with this Inner Balance Sensor. This sensor will help improve your natural ability to stay upright so you can enjoy more core strength in the future.
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Teach yourself how to fight the stress when you use this Coherence Coach CD. This CD helps produce waves that calm the body down so you can easily find new ways to relieve yourself of harmful stress.
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30% off emWave products, Inner Balance sensor for iPhone 4

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About Heart Math Store:

HeartMath.com is the official website of ‘The HeartMath Mission’. HeartMath was founded by Doc Childre in 1991, is dedicated to improving health, and performance both at home and in the workplace. HeartMath is based in Boulder Creek, CA. A significant goal of the HeartMath system is relieving stress, and HeartMath.com markets software and related products designed to accomplish this. The key products HeartMath uses to relieve stress are emwave ‘Personal Stress Reliever’, and emwave Desktop, but also HeartWave bundles additional software and accessories into different packages including books, e-books, and audiobooks to aid customers in relieving stress.

HeartMath’s online shop offers customers the ability to share their experiences with HeartMath, and other tips on reducing stress. For professionals HeartMath offers separate software. The site also features extensive information about how HeartMath works, and demonstration videos of how to use HeartMath to relieve stress. HeartMath ships exclusively through UPS, but does offer international shipping. Customers of HeartMath.com can pay using either a personal check associated with a US bank account, or a major credit card. Items ship within two days, and HeartMath.com offers a 30-day money back guarantee. HeartMath.com does charge sales tax for customers living in applicable areas.

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