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Let your flowers and plants skyrocket in size when you use this Bud Candy. This plant supplement provides plenty of nutrients for your garden, so you'll see results faster than ever.
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Create your own mulch this season when you have this Centurion Pro Mini WET with Quantanium Tumbler. This trimmer is designed work on your touch spare branches and helps shape pieces into the perfect garden aid.
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Take control over your garden when you use this Organocide Organic Insecticide. This insecticide is designed to wipe out unwanted bugs without ruining your plants or causing harm to potential food thanks to its organic ingredients.
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About Growers House:

We've had all types of gardens over the years. We built a lifted flower-veggie bed years ago after we discovered there were moles and gophers building underground tunnels and snatching our food right from the roots. I thought a fence around the beds would be enough, but nope. So, since these are built off the ground (and have chicken wire at the base), we've been safe from food predators. We've always done well with herbs and tomatoes-they hold water well and even the larger veggies that like to steal the moisture generally don't starve my herbs.

This year has been a veritable nightmare for growing pretty much anything outdoors. The heat is shriveling everything away and we just can't water properly. Besides, we have such an immense water shortage that it's impractical to use so much to gain so little. My friend Kelle also grows large amounts of produce. We decided to partner up and get a small greenhouse and do all our growing indoors. It's an investment because we need lamps, climate control implements, in addition to our seeds, soil and nutrients. But we're willing to make the commitment because we feel strongly about organic foods. GrowersHouse.com is an amazing site that has just about everything we need. They also allow us to make payments over time, which is extremely helpful. Each product offers so much detail that it makes it easy to figure out what we need to get started. I hope the products are as good as they claim.

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