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Be prepared for anything when you have The Super Pack. This pack is filled with serums that will tackle daily skin problems while stopping the cause in its tracks, so flawless will be an every day thing.
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Your lips will be unforgettable when you try out this Balm Dotcom that's made with all natural ingredients. This amazing balm will smooth your lips and give you a subtle color that looks natural, yet flirty.
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Protect your skin from makeup when you use this Priming Moisturizer. This moisturizer goes on first and offers the moisture your skin needs to stay healthy and the primer your makeup needs to look fabulous all day.
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Get 2 Glossier blush for $30

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About Glossier:

When I go to Costco or some other type of warehouse shopping conglomerate, I am inevitably overwhelmed. Overall it can be paralyzing. Even if I'm in search of one type of product it can be rough. Cleaning supplies are not so bad because there are the brand name cleaning wipes and the generic ones. I usually choose the least expensive or the package that has only 100 instead of 800. The shampoo aisle isn't awful either. The choices are for oily hair, dry hair, keep away the frizz, or add volume. I'm sure they're all the same. But when it comes to cosmetics, I never know what to do. There are rows and rows of costly eye creams, cleansers, moisturizers, and each package somehow convinces me that I must absolutely have it. But do I really need it? And what about the ingredients? There is so much information out there about the dangers of chemicals and byproducts that are being used in cosmetics. I truly don't know what to believe.

I have friends who sell make-up in network marketing businesses. Some products are gorgeous, but I know they are at a 400% mark-up so that 10 people can get a slice of the selling action. Then there are websites. Glossier.com, for example, has the cheapest looking website for a pretty pricey moisturizer. They claim their moisturizer is good enough to be used instead of make-up. I think I'd be wasting money if I ordered a product I didn't even know I needed.

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