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Your style will rock when you accesorize with this Doyenne Purse. The purse comes in a bold and vintage camera bag style complete with a tri-colored strap that will make any outfit a knock out.
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Look the part when you show off this Tilbury I No. 126 Bag. This exciting leather bag with gold detailing features a briefcase style that opens up to reveal an incredible amount of storage.
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About Ghurka:

I am generally not a fan of gimmicks when it comes to marketing. I don't appreciate being conned into buying something because there's "a good cause" behind it. Don't get me wrong; I'm actually quite philanthropic. I just don't appreciate getting hoodwinked. In fact, I am more inclined to make a purchase from a company that is green and conscious of the materials it uses and the people it employs. Now that I think about it, I will spend more money and buy from a company that has moral standards in regards to its materials and production as opposed to saving a few dollars and getting an item that is created from the sweat of a person making less than a living wage. I also won't buy products if they're made from materials garnered inhumanely-like alligator boots or clothing made from seals. Leather and suede are OK in my book if people are eating the meat from the animal. They are slaughtering it for food; we might as well use the hide for something functional. My warmest jackets and my most precious handbags are made from fine leather, but also manufactured by real people, artisans, not an assembly line or sweat shop. For example, Ghurka.com carries exquisite leather bags, rich in color and texture. That company supports workers living in the Himalayas, offering them an opportunity to make a living from their craft. It's an expensive site, but I'd rather spend my money there for quality than toss it out to a corporation lacking conscious.

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