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Give your mattress a little extra support when you use this Ghost Bed Foundation. This foundation will keep your mattress firm longer and offers extra height to provide a relaxing atmosphere.
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End your aches and pains when you sleep on the GhostBed. This bed is designed to offer you the sleep of your dreams while suiting any bed size or type, for your convenience.
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About GhostBed:

When my boyfriend and I moved in together, we basically stockpiled all our stuff and used the best items out of the bunch. For example, he had a really nice couch, which was also in terrific condition. Mine had some scratches on the side from the cat and wasn't all that comfy anyway. I had the better pots and pans. And since I do most of the cooking anyway, I'd prefer to use the equipment I like and am familiar with. Neither of us had a good vacuum, so we had to splurge for that. After a few months, we also realized we needed a new bed. His mattress sagged in the middle and mine was really too small for his height. Plus, I felt like we were too squished together. I like more room when I'm sleeping. Shopping for a new bed is kind of a headache. There are so many brands, styles, and prices it almost makes it impossible to choose. Our favorite bed had a durable base and then memory foam on top; it also allowed both sides of the bed to raise either the head or feet part. But $6,000 was about a five-thousand dollars more than we could spend. Closer to our price range, we found a good product on GhostBed.com. I like that their "foam" has gel beads that absorb heat. I don't like getting too hot at night. Their site also offers amazing comparison charts between their beds and others. They also offer a sleep trial.

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