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Your eyes will be on point when you show off this Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner. This eyeliner goes on quick and easy, but also works to help bring moisture back into the skin.
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This Pearl Camisole PC1 is sure to accent your favorite button up top or cardigan. The light weight design makes it easy to fit under any attire and the lacey neckline will add the best feminine touch.
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About Eves Temptation:

I grew up in a household with all brothers. You'd think I'd get extra "girly" attention being the only one of five kids. That's not the way it went. My mom basically treated me like one of the guys. I wore a lot of boys' clothes and hand-me-downs as a kid. I played flag football and basketball. I went to all the sports events with my dad and my brothers. Even when it came to chores, there was no discernment between male or female type chores. We all took turns taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, laundry, or helping dad in the garage. Thank goodness my dad had a bit of a soft spot for his baby girl. When I got into middle school, I'd ask him for money to buy dresses or make-up. I mean, for goodness sakes! I was a girl and wanted to have some of the stuff that my female peers had. Once I got a job at seventeen, I was able to treat myself to the "nicer" things I desired. Of course, I'd have to save up, but I still have to, even though I've got a fairly decent job. EvesTemptation.com, for example, has really beautiful bras. One that I absolutely love is this racer back with lace. It's also a push-up. It's perfect for wearing with tank tops or sleeveless dresses. It's about twice what I'd pay for any other bra, but it looks worth it to me. They have classy products.

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