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Summer parties won't be the same without this Master Of Mixes Margarita Salt. This salt comes in a bulk container, so you can appease all of your guests with high quality drinks.
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Your party won't be complete without Samuel Adams Boston Lager. This lager offers a full body taste that will give your guests a better experience while creating conversations and fun.
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About Drizly:

When we were younger, living in Los Angeles, we would go to dance clubs on the weekend. Places stayed open pretty late, but being young, we stayed there as late as we could. They would call "last call" for drinks at 1:30 am and the club would shut down at 2am. So by the time we got home it was maybe 2:30 and we would be so hungry from dancing for hours. There weren't any places nearby to get food; everything was long closed. Downtown there were a couple of extremely crowded diners, but that meant waiting on long lines, spending money on food and tip, and not getting home until at least 4am. There was one Italian restaurant that delivered until 3am. We ordered from them pretty much every Friday night. Saturday nights we would call a company called Pink Dot. They would deliver, at any hour, day or night. They made sandwiches, carried toilet paper, aluminum foil, and even alcohol. They could not, however, deliver beer, wine, or spirits after 2am.

Now, many, many years later, my friends and I have discovered a company equally as valuable. Drizly.com delivers drinks to your door. Of course we no longer stay up that late, but we are older and know that we do not drink and drive. Now if we're home and want some more wine, we call and have it delivered. The prices are comparable to purchasing in a store. I love this site. I just wish they delivered food too.

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