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Enjoy organic food this season when you order this Organic Spring Fruit Bundle. This bundle comes with delicious pineapples, lemons, blueberries and more which will suit your favorite recipes while keeping your family healthier.
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The whole family will want to indulge in a healthy snack when you order these Organic Satsuma Mandarins. These mandarins come in the perfect size for little ones and offer a burst of flavor that comes from organic farming.
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About Door to Door Organics:

My family has always been conscious of where their food comes from. I'm not even sure if that's progressive. I mean, people hunted for their food forever and knew exactly what they were getting. If you shoot a deer, you know about its health and the venison you eventually eat-you understand the meat hasn't been injected with antibiotics, etc. On the other hand, you may not be sure if that deer ate poison at someone's property who had a rat trap out. Nonetheless, you had a direct idea of from where your food arrived. The whole concept of organic is awesome and insane at the same time. I may grow food in my backyard from organic seeds. But where is my soil from and what might have contaminated it? Is my water source pure that's hydrating said plants/food? There are so many variables these days that the "organic" guidelines must be so stringent. If a company receives organic certification, I have to assume they've passed a bunch of tests. It's not the same as saying or using the term "natural". That is completely bogus. Organic farmers must earn their privilege to use the term organic. DoorToDoorOrganics.com is an amazing site where you get to order food that is locally grown, certified organic, and delivered to your door. Unfortunately, where I live in California, this service is not available. I can't wait until they expand to my area because not only do they offer organic fruits and veggies, they have grass-fed beef.

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