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Car troubles won't leave you stranded when you have this Cobra Jumpack. This mini pack will give your engine enough juice to get going so you won't have to stress about a tow or finding a safe ride.
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Extreme adventures with friends will be more reassuring when you take this All-Terrain-Radio RealTree Max 4 Camo Walkie Talkie with you. This device will help you keep in touch in case of an accident while keeping your position discreet.
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About Cobra:

For me, one of my favorite places to be is behind the wheel. Driving is more than just getting from A to B. It's an experience I enjoy. I love to drive. I even drove a cab for a few years when I was in between jobs. I also like to drive fast, and over the years that has led to a ticket or two. The worst part of that is that my brother is a cop. Sometimes that helped me get out of a ticket, but not always. I remember when I was in high school and I got my first car. He warned me that the State Troopers had been using radar to catch speeders for years, and now his department was doing the same. So, I saved my money from my after-school job and bought my first radar detector. It was a Cobra, and it saved my young hide more than a few times. I was pleased to see that Cobra.com has so much to offer a car guy like me. They have more than just radar/laser detectors, things like CB's, boat radios, dash cams, and a neat jump starter small enough to fit in a glove compartment. I had to get one of those, so I did, the JUMPACK CPP 800. I don't really understand all the "Cobra Social" stuff, but then I'm from a different generation who thinks Twitter is what the birds do and Facebook is what happens when I fall asleep reading.

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